A Post-Surgical Intermission

Sorry for the lack of blog posts for Friday and today, Monday.

I had my last 2 wisdom teeth removed on Thursday morning, and have been under the weather ever since.  Felix loves to document just about everything and has taken probably the worst photo of me to date.  This was taken while I was in the recovery room from the surgery.  I’m all puffy and pink.  :|  I don’t think I could be looking more unattractive.  heh

It’s been about 4 days later and I’m only just starting to eat solid food again.  Ice cream, Greek yogurt, and protein shakes have been my best friends in this ordeal (besides my caretaker husband, of course.)

I don’t want to re-account everything that Felix already documented, but I do highly suggest that anyone who hasn’t had their wisdom teeth removed should get them out, all four at once.  I got my lower 2 removed when I was 18 or 19, and the uppers weren’t coming in at all; nor could the doctor guarantee that they would ever come in.  So I decided to not worry about it and just get the lowers removed.  Nearly 10 years later, I’m regretting that decision.  It would have been so much easier to have dealt with the pain at once, instead of twice.

As you can imagine, I didn’t get much of anything done over the weekend due to my continuing, long recovery.  But I hope to get back on schedule asap (as well as eating solid foods again.)


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