Fun Survey & Confession Time

Hey peeps!

Karen of MontanaChic has put up a really funny list of questions on her blog yesterday.  She’s trying to get as many responses as possible in one week’s time so that she can share the results with everyone.

Here’s Karen is in one of her latest creations the dandelion dress

This all came about because she had a funny sewing confession:

As I was sewing in my underwear the other day I got to thinking about all the other sewing related behaviors I have that non-sewers would think were a bit odd, okay just plain insane. I got to wondering how many other sewing minded people had odd or insane habits.

Isn’t this a wonderfully silly idea?!

I’m almost positive we’ve done things that we wouldn’t share with other non-sewers peeps, since they just wouldn’t understand.  So in the spirit of confessions, I may (or may not) have done the following:

1.)  Search on etsy for new-vintage patterns 3x a day (to snag them before anyone else)

2.) Told my husband I was running important errands all day, while in actuality did one or two and then spent the rest of the time driving to/from the fabric store and browsed around

3.) Have every single dining room chair (7) filled with a different projects in the works so no one can sit down or eat at the table, save for the one free chair that is situated at the sewing machine

So make sure you swing by MontanaChic’s blog to cast your votesof your own bad habits and silly-sewing antics.  I’d love to see that I’m not the only naughty-sewer out there.  :)

And DOOOO feel free to leave a comment of your own sewing (or non-sewing) confession below. 




P.S.  You didn’t hear it from me by since my husband really doesn’t read by blog that often, I’ve only shared #2 on the assumption that I wouldn’t get caught.  How bad am I?!   :)

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  1. Karen May 20, 2011 — 12:42 PM

    Thanks for sharing the link, and for your confessions. I don’t have any friends in the area who sew so it is nice to see that I am not alone in my craziness, or as I am finding out normalness :)

  2. Lauren R May 20, 2011 — 2:28 PM

    I sew with my right shoe off so I can feel the power foot. It makes me feel like I’m in more control! LOL. I have been sewing for years (mostly as a kid, then I took a long break), but I took my first sewing class last week and had to laugh when I instinctively started to take my shoe off in the store. I caught myself and didn’t, though!

  3. Felix May 23, 2011 — 2:06 PM

    I don’t read, but I skim. :)

    Honey, we should sit down at the dining room table and talk about your “errands.” I… well, one of us should sit down, anyways.

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