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I finally took the plunge and registered for my very first knitting class, at the Stitches Midwest event in August.  I’m really excited but also nervous.

I’ve taken a several sewing classes last summer at the needleshop, in order to learn the basics of the sewing.  But they were all basic level classes and only had 4 people in them at one time.  I’ve never taken any kind of intermediate sewing classes and I’ve also never taken any knitting classes of any kind.

I know it’s silly, but I’m quite nervous.  Having taught myself how to knit (thanks to youtube and some tips from my coworkers), I’m not certain where my skill set falls.  Am I average, intermediate, knowledgeable, basic?  I truly don’t know where I’m going to land in this class, and I have an irrational fear in the back of my head that I’m going to get scoffed at by the more advanced knitters.  In all actuality, if I took a more advanced sewing class I’m almost certain I would feel the same way.

Both sewing and knitting are very independent, individualized crafts.  For knitters, there are knitting groups that pop up all over, but it’s not mandatory to knitting.  And same goes for sewing.  We’d have to haul our machines,  and/or fabric and numerous supplies to someone else’s house or space to make it a group activity.  What I mean to say is that it’s not like playing a sport.  There is no team needed to work towards one goal.  It’s just me, my machine, and needles.  This all means that I’m not used to getting together in a group to learn and improve upon my skills, without already knowing that everyone else is also at the same level.

I really do love that the internet has opened up this venue, so that we can connect to tons of people instantly; I feel like I’m now in this huge sewing circle.  It’s fantastic!  But it’s still continues to be an individual craft-effort; you guys don’t scoff if I’m ‘ironing instead of pressing’ or chide me if I have one too many stitches on my needle as I’m casting off.  (Don’t tell anyone else but between you and me, I don’t think I’ve ever really pressed fabric.  I’m a closet-ironer.)

I personally learn extremely well by looking at, and reading books or examining diagrams.  And deep down, I know that once I take a class or two, it’ll be okay and my nerves *should* subside.  But I’m curious, do you guys feel the same way about ‘in person’ classes?  How do you learn new skills and techniques?

The class itself:

The ‘knitting’ class I registered for is called Lining a la Chanel.  So it’s not just a knitting class, but its a class that combines two my loves, knitting AND sewing.  So I’ll be learning how to sew lining into a knitted jacket, Chanel style.  Doesn’t it sound amazing?!  Okay, well geeky, and amazing.

So the homework for this class is that I have to knit up the jacket or coat before hand.  So given that the class isn’t until August, I think it will give me plenty of time to work something up.

Here’s what I had in mind….

While it does look more like a cardigan than a jacket, I’m not thrilled with the rest of the vintage jackets I’ve seen.  They tend to be really boxy and somewhat shapeless, while this green one is fitted and chic.  Plus it’s really what I want to learn how to do; to learn how to apply lining to a knitted garment that has some stretch to it.

This knit is a hounds-tooth pattern and it would have to be done in sections knitted flat (instead of in the round).  If I decide to do this one, it’s going to take me a while since there’s lots of color work to be done.  I’m really inspired by the grass-green they’ve made this in also.  The more I see this cover image, the less I can visualize it in any other color.

I’d really like to hear what color combinations you guys like too?  I need some more ideas before I settle on the green/white or green/cream color combo.  Or do you have any other other knitted jacket or coat patterns

As an aside, doesn’t the female model look more like this guy’s mother than a girlfriend?  hehehe I’m sure it’s just the lighting, but I think it’s funny.

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