Sunday Stash: A Touch of Vintage

A Touch of Vintage is my local antique store, which I’m very lucky to only live 10 minutes away from, walking distance.

I have been recently on the hunt for a pretty broach/pin to go a vintage Butterick 6292 dress I made, since it needed a little pizzaz.  Knowing my local antique shop has a lot of jewelry, they were my first go-to shop (and last).  This little shop is so quaint and wonderful, but every time I go there they always seem to have all new pretties for me to ogle.  This time was no different.

The gold pin with burgundy rhinestones is 100% perfect for my dress, but the other silver pin was also too perfect to pass up.  It was just too shiny…. heh

I don’t feel as bad splurging on the silver pin since I know it will be the perfect embellishment on my Lady Grey Coat.

And since this shop has too many great things I also left with these:

I obviously left with more than I intended, but what can one do?!

These belt buckles are around 3/4″ to 1″ wide, which will make perfect skinny belts for all my vintage pattern needs.  And these little buttons are so cute.  It’s hard to see, but they have a little gold painted detail on them, a bit like little stars.

It’s also so interesting to see where these items were made, back in the day.  These buttons for instance, were made in the US Zone in Germany.  I can only wonder what year they were made in…  It’s also a testament with how concerned people were (and some still are) with only buying products made in the US.  Here the ‘Originales’ made certain to state that it was US made, but in Germany.

These items are all getting added to my (growing) sewing stash.  Hopefully I’ll use them all soon though.

And if you happen to be in Chicago, make sure to check out my little neighborhood antique shop, A Touch of Vintage, on 2506 N. California, in Logan Square.  It won’t disappoint.

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