My Nancy Jumper

Nancy, a stand-alone pattern from Susan Crawford has long been in my queue to knit up.  It is such a charming jumper, perfect for a chilly spring or fall.

Nancy Jumper

I had all sorts of bits of extra Excelana yarn after making Tasha’s Victory Beret (yet to be blogged), that I knew I wanted to try to use them up.  Since this jumper called for the same yarn in several of the colors I needed, I decided to stick with the original colors.

Nancy Jumper

I could have modified a couple of the colors to what I already had in my stash… I just couldn’t bring myself to alter it.  The color scheme is a major reason why I love it so much – I really can’t see it any other way.  After getting my yarn & pattern purchased, I was off to the races.

Nancy Jumper

I now have to admit: I completed this pretty little jumper last Spring.  I finished it just as it was getting warm out, so I was unable to wear it until the weather turned cold once again this past fall.  And….well… then I realized I had absolutely nothing to wear with it.  This pretty little jumper ended up an orphan in my closet.  :(

Nancy Jumper

My Nancy jumper was a smidgen too long for my full skirts.  I also don’t have any color-appropriate slim skirts in my winter wardrobe that would match this either.  Nothing that I had in my closet seemed to work with it.

As I was shopping for my Paris trip last September, I bought these cute little cranberry pants and I knew they would work with my top.  I know they’re not a 100% match, but after having this jumper languish for so long, I was fine with a 90% color match.

Nancy Jumper

Pattern Modifications:

When I was inspecting the pattern instructions, one thing that stuck out to me was how wide the sleeves were at the armscye/bicep.  I believe I cast on for the set amount of stitches & quickly realized it was just too large for me.

Even though I re-figured the entire sleeve and the fit is better than the original, I am still not completely satisfied with the fit.  The more I make raglan styles, the more I am dissatisfied with how they fit on my shoulders/upper body.  I just hate having that extra fabric at my armpit-fold area.

Additionally I decided to knit (just the sleeves) in the round.  This took a bit of refiguring as the pattern stitch was written to be knit flat & I had to modify the stitch pattern to be knit un the round.  Knitting a sleeve in the round gave me every opportunity to fit as I went along.  If I were to knit them flat, I wouldn’t really ‘see’ how they fit until I went to seam them to the bodice.

As much as I dislike the extra-fabric-at-my-armpit issue, I’ve worn this sweater all fall & winter long.  Since we’re having such a mild winter this year in Chicago, its given me the opportunity to wear this little jumper all season long.

Nancy Jumper

Other Updates:

As you know, I’ve haven’t been posting very regularly on my little ‘ole blog.  There have been so many distractions in my life lately that this is the last thing I had time to do.  Many of you have surmised that I’ve been too busy to sew or knit – which I have to say is NOT the case.  I am ohh soo backed on posting my projects, that its kinda crazy.  What I have been pretty decent about is posting quick pics on instagram.

As 2016 is now in full swing I’m recommitted to braving the cold, setting my hair, and getting outside to take some photos of my makes (also known as making Felix come outside to take my picture.)  Stay tuned for more as I get my act together to share with you everything that I’ve been up to.

Cheers & happy knitting.

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