Remembering Quincy

This is such a hard blog post to write… Felix and I had to put our bunny Quincy down this past Friday.

Quincy Hugging

I think many of you follow me on instagram and have heard this sad news already, but I wanted to share it officially with everyone.

Back in July, I picked Quincy up from our bun sitter’s house on Sunday afternoon.  It was clear something was wrong; Quincy couldn’t sit up without assistance and it looked like he had a stroke or something.  At that point we thought it was the end.

Luckily, it wasn’t.  We were able to get some extra meds for Quincy’s E. Cuniculi which flared up and started taking him to get acupuncture treatments to relieve his arthritis.

Quincy Acupuncture

Acupuncture was the best thing to happen to Quincy.  It helped relive so much discomfort he was having, due to his old age of 12 (at a minimum – he’s adopted so we don’t know officially).

These last five months with him has been ‘bonus’ time.


Quincy started having more bad days than good days.  During the last 2 weeks, Quincy wasn’t able to really sit up on his own or even hop around by himself.

We sadly knew it was time to make the decision.

Phineas and Quincy

I just hate that I had to make the decision to let him go.  As Quincy’s caretaker, I know that it’s my job to make this decision, as it was a quality of life issue.  But I really hate that I had to make the decision, ya know?!  I feel like it’s not mine to make, in the grand scheme of things.

Quincy’s appetite and mind were never lessened by his physical ailments.  He was always happy to have his meals and treats in the evening.  This is also what made it so hard… Besides his arthritis failing him, he was alright.

Quincy Weigh-In

During Quincy’s hard times, I always got closer to him, as he solely relied upon my assistance to sit up, help with eating, and cleaning him up after any accidents.  Phineas didn’t seem quite as attentive as he usually was – so I imagine he knew.

Precariously-Perched Quincy

Quincy was laid to rest in my front yard on Friday morning.  Friday was a sad, sad day.  I spent pretty much all weekend sitting around, dazing off watching movies and doing a bit of knitting.

Quincy and Phineas

My focus is now taking care of Phineas now that his buddy is gone.  They were inseparable.  I don’t think he knew what was going on Friday, but he seems to be slowly aware that Quincy isn’t coming back and is a bit more lethargic than he usually is.  Its just so sad…


Quincy was a great addition to our household and gave us so much joy.  He will be sorely missed.  If you made it to the end, here’s the best, silly video of Quincy for your enjoyment.

Felix wrote a wonderful tribute to Quincy over the weekend and has some great photos and a few videos too if you want to see some more.

So sorry to have to convey this sad news.  A heartfelt *thank you* to all of you who sent me kind thoughts over the weekend (via Instagram) – they were much appreciated.

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