Fall Sewing & Knitting Plans

It feels so wrong to be starting to think about fall sewing & knitting plans right now.  Chicago summer has been pretty chilly on the whole this year.  Don’t get me wrong – I’ve LOVED it.

But I also feel like I haven’t quite spent my summer doing “summery” things.  As fall is approaching, I’m still only wanting to sew up summer frocks in hopes that it will extend our summer more.  Dilusional thinking? Yes.  I probably do the same thing ever year without even realizing it too.

Maybe I can trick myself and sew up “summer pieces” in like… wool or something.  heh

Getting back to reality, I do have a fall wish list of sorts to share.

What’s fall & winter without new knits?!

I reorganized my Ravelry Queue and these four pretties surfaced up to the top.

A Stitch in Time’s Tri-Cable Stitch Jumper:


Tasha’s refashioned Cable Pullover No. 3298:


My Stitchcraft freebie Cable Knit Jumper:


As you can see… I have a hankering for a chic cable knit sweater or cardigan this year.  I’ve been lusting over the green cardigan (first image) for quite some time, so that had to be shifted up in my queue.  Not to mention, Tasha’s refashioned cable knit jumper is high on my list.

You see, I purchased the same kind of yarn, dk weight from Wollmeise that Tasha used (different color though) and it NEEDS to be a cable knit jumper.  It’s just begging to be made into it.  So it’ll either be made up as Tasha’s Cable knit jumper or the Stitchcraft cable knit jumper.  They’re both wonderful patterns, I’ll have to see where the yarn takes me when the time comes.

Last but not least, A Stitch in Time’s Fair Isle Yoke Jumper:


Now that I’m not nearly as scared about fair isle as I once was… this little short sleeved number is up in the my queue also.  But… sadly I think that one will have to hold off, as short sleeves in the winter is really not a smart idea.  If only I’d started knitting it a month ago.

But…. the first knit I’ll be working on this fall is this little cardigan, the Wallis Pleated Cardigan:

Wallis Pleated Cardigan

I started knitting this up last year, but I never got around to completing it.  I have the sleeves to knit plus finishing, and then I’ll be all set to wear it.  So that will be my first knit of the fall, as much as I want to start something new instead.

On the Sewing Front:

As I said, all I can think about is summer sewing still.  To appease myself, I think I may just convert some of the patterns I want to make this past summer but didn’t get to is to make them in more suitable fabrics for the winter transition.

Hollyburn Skirt:

I finally made up a summery Hollyburn skirt and I’m in love (yet to be blogged).  It’s such a great, pretty pattern.  I was planning on making a second for summer, but instead I think I’ll make a wool tweed version for the fall/winter & pair it with some fun tights instead.  Summer with live on through my bright legs.  lol

Renfrew Top:


Again, I was planning on making some short sleeved Renfrews for summer, but instead I’ll switch them out to be fall & winter versions.  I love a good cowl neck top & only have 1 in my closet at the moment and it’s not even work friendly.  So I’ll be making a 3/4 length cowl neck version next – fabric is still a mystery on this one.  It depends what I can find.


I always wish I had more wearable pants in my closet for when the weather turns chilly, but I just don’t.  I think I have all of 2 wearable pants in my closet at the moment and one of them is slowly dying.  So… depending if I can fit my caboose this year without too many wrinkles/sags, I’ll be making up a new pair of trousers.  Pattern still undecided on.  But probably the Thurlow trousers as those are the closest to fitting me currently.

Archer Button-Up Top:


I have yet to make an Archer.  It seems like the most basic wardrobe staple and I need it.

On the subject of tops… Deer & Doe just came out with a new button up shirt pattern, the Bruyere shirt, translates to Heather in English.


As soon as I saw it, I bought it immediately.  No hesitation at all!  I have yet to make any patterns by Deer & Doe, but I’ve seen some lovelies by you guys on the interwebs using their patterns.  While this shirt isn’t my normal 40’s or 50’s look… I love it just the same.  I have no idea how I’ll be wearing this top too since I don’t own (or wear) leggings of any sort (and no, no skinny pants either).  heh  I’m sure I’ll figure out something by the time I make this up.

Last but not least is the Jenna Cardigan:

Jenna Cardi

This is a brand new pattern from Muse Patterns.  It’s just the perfect cardigan that I’d love to knit up – but it’s sewn up instead.  Now isn’t that a lovely idea?!  This pattern has appeared at the perfect time for me as I’m delving into knit patterns.  I do feel like this pattern is a great addition to the indy sewing pattern community, as I haven’t seen anything like this yet out there.  Can’t wait to try this one out when I find some proper sweater knit fabrics.

And that’s really it so far.  I’m sure there will be some new lovely patterns coming out by peeps, not to mention raiding my own vintage sewing pattern stash for some fall dresses that I’ll be wanting to stitch up.

Clothes Mantra of this Year:

Less is More (maybe…).  You see, with my house being all sorts of crazy I can’t have too many garments in rotation.  I’m still living out of my suitcase and boxes & will be for the foreseeable future.  I have a teeny tiny closet to store things in (think 1-2 weeks worth of clothes space – tops).  This means I can only have so many pieces ‘out’ and in rotation.  I’ll be needing to make some versatile tops/bottoms to get me through.  Heaven knows where my winter clothes even are at this point.

Hats & Gloves???  Where could you possibly be?!

This is where *stuff* is in our house:

Office Storage

I think this picture puts things in better perspective, no?!  heh

As much as I want to sew up an army of pretty new fall clothes, I do kinda have to keep things simple & versatile – but hopefully still fun.  :D  Plus I have all that housework to get done too…  Ack.

Any must-make patterns you guys are stitching up this fall/winter?

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