Pattern Freebie: Pair of Fair Isle Mittens

I am totally stoked today to start sharing with you several new knitting patterns that recently came in my possession.

Out of the blue, I got a message on Ravelry from Anne (Agenta17) who found me through my Stitchcraft pattern freebie posts.  She said he has tons of Stitchcraft magazines and offered up her duplicates for yours truly – in hopes that I can scan them for you all since she has been to busy to do so herself.  Vintage magazines for, moi??  As you all know, my gain is your gain!

I plan on sharing many lovelies from these magazines from Anne all throughout the winter months.  And to start us off right, I have 2 fair isle mitten patterns from Bestway today.

Perhaps a perfect pattern for Tasha’s Knit for Victory knit-a-long, no?!

If you love them, be sure to leave your “thanks” in the comments for Anne!  :)

Click on the following link to download the free pdf: Bestway Fair Isle Mitten Patterns.

Add these mittens to your Ravelry Queue.

What’s nice about these patterns is that they each comes with the written directions as well as a chart to reference.

Of the two mittens I prefer the Norwegian mitten pattern – but that’s because I love things Scandinavian – perhaps it’s just in my blood.  So we’ll start with that one.

Norwegian Mitts:

Huh!  That’s interesting…  The first sentence in the pattern states:

These roomy two-colour mitts are designed to wear over gloves.

I’m not sure how I feel about that, but that’s got to be a great, warm solution for the really cold days.

Tension (over fair isle pattern) is 8.5 sts and 9 rows to an inch.  And over the stockinette stitch it is 8.5 sts and 11 rows to an inch using a US size 2 needle over the pattern.  (US size 1’s are used for the ribbing at the wrist).

This pattern uses W.B. Melody Knitting Wool, 4-ply.  Knowing the 3-ply weight is a fingering, I’d approximate a heavy fingering or even a sport weight yarn for this pattern.  Pairing the thicker yarn with US size 2 needles will yield a very tight-knit fabric, which is perfect for blocking out the cold.

Floral Mitts:

These mittens are fitted, and not intended to be work over gloves like the Norwegian Mittens.  I’m not sure why, but these floral ones, at first glance remind me of acorns.  Do you see it too?

A fingering weight yarn is used for these mittens: W.B. Melody Knitting Wool, 3-ply.  The tension over the fair isle pattern is 9 sts and 10 rows to an inch, but over the plain stockinette it’s 9 sts and 12 rows to an inch.  This is done using US size 2 knitting needles (and US size 1 needles over the wrist ribbing section.)


With all of the glove & mitten patterns I’ve been posting lately, you can imagine that I’ve been debating making some gloves for myself this winter.  Unfortunately, I have a few projects in the Queue before I get to these…. but soon.  :)

Thanks again Anne SO SOO MUCH for sending me all of these patterns!  I love them and can’t wait to post them all up.

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