I’m Falling for Cotton

With the impending change of seasons, I always get that itch to plan and start new projects.  The weather in Chicago is still pretty hot and summery, but for some reason I’m already having that nagging thought in the back of my head to plan out my fall wardrobe.

Part of this has been spurred on by Tasha & Rochelle’s Fall For Cotton sew-along project.  They got me thinking and planning for autumn, much sooner than I normally would have.  But it’s good to have clothes in time for the season, no??

There are several cotton fabrics I’ve had in my stash for ages it seems.  While I’m not 100% sure I’m making a fall garment, it’s a wonderful excuse for me to continue to work from my stash.  This project idea is particularly good since it’s motivating me to use those fabrics/pattern combinations that I’ve planned on many seasons’ prior but just never got around to.

Now, I haven’t decided on which pattern-fabric combination I’m making yet but here are the top three contenders.

Women’s Day- Fashion Cleaning Ensemble, in blue polka dots:

Doesn’t look like a deep blue polka dot, but it is… Just slightly darker than the pattern envelope.

I found this pattern… gosh I don’t know where anymore.  But I bought this blue and white polka dot cotton (lawn-ish) last summer and intended to make this outfit.  I love those crazy 50’s ladies who would clean the house in skirts and dresses and how fun would it be to make one and have a cleaning photoshoot.

So much fun!  Other projects have got in the way and the funny cleaning outfit has always been placed on the back burner.

Scalloped bodice dress, in checkered cotton:

I bought this fabric quite a while ago now (like 2 years).  This was a fun fabric I couldn’t pass up when I was at the fabric store.  It’s all cotton mix of white, light pink, deep pink, red, and yellow strands of thread.

Once I procured this Anne Adams 2712 pattern, I new that I had to make it up in this checkered material.  It’s very much a summer dress, but having a black base it could perhaps stretch into the fall.  Either way, this fabric has been sitting for quite some time and it’s such a fun fabric, to sit much longer.

And lastly, A menswear inspired shirt dress in cotton sateen (ish):

This fabric has the loveliest hand!  When I bought it I could have sworn it was a cotton-silk blend but I was assured that it was 100% cotton.

I don’t know if you can see, but its a black base with creamy white lines, but running through all of this are lines of brown.  *squint*  It’s like twill met sateen and they had a silky-cotton baby.

When I bought it 2 years ago, I didn’t feel skilled enough to cut into this fabric and turn it into a dreamy, full-skirted wrap dress.  I’m feeling much more confident about my sewing skills to make this up, but I also know that I’ll have to make a muslin or two to get the fit just right, especially for the 3/4-length sleeves.


I’m still mixed on what I want to sew up.  Originally I was going with project #2, the black & colorful checkered material with the scalloped bodice sun dress.  But I’d love to make them all three.  heh  Do you guys have any particular thoughts as to which I should make up, if so drop me a line in the comments section as to which is your favorite.

Who else is Falling for Cotton??

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