Caribbean Cruise Recap: Part 1

I’m sitting at my computer, on Sunday afternoon, writing this recap post…. all the while everything is bobbing up and down as if I’m still on the ship.  Felix and I got home yesterday in the early evening and it’s been more than 24 hrs and I still haven’t gotten my ‘land legs’ yet.  I now know the full effect of sea legs after being on a ship for an extended amount of time.  It’s so crazy!

The first 3 days of the cruise were fine, but I felt like I was still getting accustomed to being out in the open ocean.  And then on day 3 there were some very rough waters since we were going through a horrible storm and we all got sea sick.  What saved me was some little wrist bands that took away most of the nausea, but you still felt the rough rocking of the ship which was a bit nerve-wracking.  Poor Felix had a much rougher time than I did and I didn’t think he was truly happy and relaxed until day 4 or 5.

All in all, it was the most relaxing vacation I think I’ve ever been on and I feel very refreshed afterwards!

That being said, I’m dreading going back to work and getting on the bathroom scale.  heh  The food was good and there were many fun drinks, but after days 2 or 3 I was getting a bit shall we say… weighed down by all of the rich food.  A few days is okay to splurge on food but after that I felt guilty and switched to eating fish and salads… but that wasn’t enough to keep the weight off since everything is cooked in butter.  I’m going to be having a fun time at the gym the next few weeks.  :)

Honestly, it’s kinda funny… Over the course of these 7 days you can actually see my cheeks getting a bit fuller in the images.  heh  I’m hoping that a cleanse will help me shed some excess water weight.

Since there is far too much to cover in one blog post, I’ll be splitting things into two posts for easier reading.

Our ship, the Caribbean Princess:

The whole time, I couldn’t get over how large this ship was.  My parents had gone on one cruise before this and they said their first ship was larger than this.  Mind blown!

The cruise was actually a family trip on my step dad’s side, but not the whole family could make it.  On board was Felix and myself, my mom and dad, my sister Katie and her husband Dan, my Aunt Karen & Kenny’s family (with a multitude of cousins) and some more of my Aunt Karen’s family.  But I primarily hung out with my immediate family or went solo with Felix.

Our petite state room:

The room wasn’t very large but it was just fine.  (It did end up feeling a little claustrophobic when we were going through the rough waters….)

Me and my mom on deck as we left port:

Day 2 at Princess Cays Island:

After being on the ship less than 24 hours we had already made port at the Island of Princess Cays and we had a lovely beach day there.

We had rented a clam shell on the beach since I have very delicate, pale skin.  I used (at least) spf 70 the entire time and still managed to get a bit burnt.

Snorkeling with my mom (my butt is the reddish one & my mom is the pink one):

We saw lots ofanemones and little fish in the reef this day.

Outfit for the evening, a 70’s dress in cream I bought on etsy for the cruise:

Everyone needs a kiss!

Felix and I camped out at the back of the boat during day 3 (I did some knitting and he did some blogging).

This was our view off the back of the ship:

This is what we saw the majority of the time at sea… a vast blue openness.

As the ship started rocking my poor husband got sick and sleepy.  (He wore the wrist-bands this day.)

He perked up enough to go out to dinner for the dressy evening.

This is the lacy greenish dress I bought 2 days before leaving.  The bodice is lined in a nude fabric and the sleeves were left unlined.

Well… that’s all I have of the images from day 1-3.  Much more to come with days 4-7 shortly….

Thanks again for all of your well wishes before I left.  :)

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