Picking my Project CPR Projects

Try and say my blog title 5 times fast.  heh

Project CPR is just a day away now and I’m getting all fired up and ready to go!  How ’bout you guys?

I have two projects that I’m debating working on: one is a knitting project and the other is a sewing project.

You may recall that I was working on the Vashon sweater pattern…. like last fall!  I got it all knit up and started seaming it but I was never happy with how it was looking.  Somehow it got put aside and I feel like its high time that I finish it so I can wear it out and about now that the weather is decidedly cold.


I kinda feel like I’m *airing my dirty laundry* here with showing my old, unfinished projects.  It’s sad that I even left the needle in my work, but I guess it’s good since it means that I was intending on finishing it when I sat it aside last.  :)

This knitting project is one of the projects that I feel guilty about and I sooo want to not have to think about it anymore.  To me this is the perfect Project CPR project for me.  I can be done in an hour and I’ll have so much relief at the end that it’ll pump me up to tackle so many more projects (new & old).

My second project is a newer one, but has been sitting all the same:

This is a sweet, little vintage deadstock dress that I bought on etsy a month or two ago.  The bodice fits beautifully, even the waist fits.  But being a pear shape, the hips of the dress aren’t flared as much as mine require.  So what has to happen is that I have to unpick the skirt from the bodice and pull up the waist (of the skirt side) so that I have enough room at the hips.

This is going to result in a shortened hem and I’ll have to be choosy where I can seam the new waist since there’s a button band I can’t disrupt.  But again, this project just requires me hunkering down to figure it out and the sewing part shouldn’t be too bad.  Just have to spend an hour on it is all.

Again, another perfect example of a Project CPR project.  While it’s great if the project was originally a project you had started with your two hands (knitting, sewing, or whatever), I really want this to be about completing something you haven’t set aside time to do.  It can be hemming a pair of trousers, doing all those buttonholes on a skirt or blouse, picking up stitches to knit the button-band of your cardigan, making the belt for that one dress, anything really.  Just pick something that makes you happy and relieved to be done one you’re all finished!

Let me remind you again why you want to participate in Project CPR:

  1. Before the holiday season gets hectic you have this one chance to spend some time to finish something you wish you had time for when the going gets rough.
  2. I know it’s silly, but for the other bloggers reading this you’re getting yourself some great blog content since you can showcase your new project next week or whenever you finish Project CPR.
  3. You get to move on to something new, since you will have just finished something old.  :)

And like you need any more reasons…. this is how I’m assuming you’re gonna feel afterwards:

  • Happiness
  • Relief
  • A sense of accomplishment
  • Content
  • Powerful

I’ll be documenting my progress this weekend (Saturday &/or Sunday) by using twitter, with the hash tag of #ProjectCPR if you want to listen in and join in the potential discussion.

On Monday, I’ll be posting up my completed project and welcome everyone else who participated to post your projects up on the zilredloh flickr group, twitter, or your own blog and share the link on the Project CPR page for everyone to gush over.  You can even start posting up your finished projects right when you finish…. no need to wait till Monday unless you want to.

Sound good?!

Sooo… everyone who’s thinking about joining in what are you going to be completing?

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  1. Pennie December 7, 2012 — 2:53 PM

    I think I sort of started CPR last weekend…I sat and knitted and knitted and knitted so I could change several Ravelry status from “in progress” to “finished”…but I also stumbled on some DNR’s along the way…sometimes you have to learn to let go, you have to look at the WIP and realised that the reason you haven’t finished it is because it’s not going to be good whatever you do…I frogged 3 jumpers.

    However I do have the binding on a bag to do, a belt and hat for a 7 year old to sew up, some sleeves to frog back and reknit and some buttons to put on a cardi,…so I’m in !

    1. Liz December 7, 2012 — 3:20 PM

      Yay! Thanks for joining in Pennie. Sounds like you have a great list of projects to do and a plan! :) Can’t wait to see what you finish up on Monday.

  2. Caitlin December 9, 2012 — 9:50 PM

    STORY OF MY LIFE right now. I have SO many partially started, close-to-done type projects. A whole load of clothes that need repairs, a skirt that needs embroidery finished, a shawl that only need about 45 minutes more knitting time…I love that you’re doing this–gives me motivation to cut the crap & get to craftin! Thanks for posting!

    I did finish one project this weekend–a LOVELY 40s novelty print rayon dress that I accidentally cut when frantically opening the package. (Talk about a big ol’ “DOH!”) Only took me about an episode & a half of Gossip Girl to finish :^)

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