Sewing Machines & Bunnies

Hey peeps!  I hope all of my U.S. buddies had a nice Thanksgiving weekend.  Felix and I trekked down to my parent’s house for the long weekend, which is just south of the city.

This year it was just the four of us since my sister had recently moved down to Atlanta and my other sister does something with her family instead.  Even though the gathering was small, we had tons of food and it was quite relaxing.

Due to the fact that we were only going to be at my mom’s for 2 days, we decided to haul Baxter & Quincy (the bunnies) instead of taking them to the bunny sitter’s house, despite my mom being allergic to them.  (Don’t worry, we housed the bunnies a safe distance away which my mom approved of.)  As soon as we pulled in the driveway my mom and I had a crazy idea…. why don’t we let the bunnies out in the yard?!

Since I live in the city, my buns are very much house bunnies.  They’ve NEVER been outside.  I always worry about all the dogs and birds that could harm them, along with chemicals in the grass.  But my mom’s grass is chemical free.  :)  I should add that Felix was strongly opposed to this idea and guarded the buns the entire time, just like a mother hen.

Baxter is quite timid with new spaces so she hovered in and out of her carrier for a good 10 minutes before she got up the courage to come out.  She kept peeking her head out to eat a dried leaf and then went right back in again.  She was blocking Quincy from getting out, but once he was able to get out, it seemed like it was no big deal for him.

You can see I also only let them roam around inside their wire travel cage.  I don’t trust my bunnies not to run off or eat something they’re not supposed to plus I don’t trust stray cats to come and not hurt my buns.

With all of my mom’s gardening, there was an abundance of fresh herbs and brussels sprouts for them to eat, especially with me being so willing to pull up all of my mom’s plants to feed my buns.  heh

Tweet #1, Tweet #2

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The whole time Baxter was outside, she was walking all funny like, almost like an army crawl.  It seems the grass was too cushy that she forgot how to hop around like a bunny.  :)  All in all I think they had fun, they got to eat everything in sight which is always a good time for them.  heh

The other fun thing that happened at my mom’s was seeing my grandmother’s sewing machine.

I was showing my mom a picture of my new aqua & white Brother sewing machine and she was like “Don’t be buying any more sewing machines!”  Startled I asked why, so she started to tell me about my grandmother’s sewing machine when she told my dad to go and grab it to show me!  *le gasp*

Funny enough, I remember the case from my childhood but not the actual machine itself.  Checking online, we saw that the Singer machine is from 1952; it had lots of feet and looked to be in a lovely working order.  This was the machine that my mom learnt on when she grew up (aside from an old singer treadle) so she has fond memories of this machine.  I can only hope that it will make its way to my home some day.  :)

All in all, we had a nice relaxing thanksgiving filled with food, old movies, shopping, and relaxing. I do wish my sisters and their families were able to be there, but hopefully they can next year.

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