Holiday Jumper Pattern

Today’s pattern freebie is a knitting pattern from the Bishop’s Fashions for the town and country, published in 1951.  The Holiday Jumper pattern is the sister pattern to the Beau Catcher Blouse.

If you love this pattern, please give a shout out to Esme who requested this pattern a few days ago.

Click on the following link to download this pattern as a pdf:  Holiday Jumper Pattern.

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When I was first posting the Beau Catcher pattern, I had assumed it was to this blouse… since well… it’s nearly see-through!  But apparently this is more of a ‘holiday’ blouse.  I think this top is darling with its scalloped, wide neckline.

There are 5 different sizes available, ranging from a size 10 to a size 18 (or a 28″ bust to a 36″ bust).  This blouse is knit using a fingering weight yarn with a tension of 6 stitches per inch (11 rows per inch) using a size 4 knitting needle.  The scalloped border on the neckline is crocheted using a size 4 crochet hook.

To me the tension sounds ‘off’ with such a light weight yarn.  But the pattern is supposed to be light and lacy, so perhaps this is the correct gauge for this type of pattern.  I searched for a bit to try to find the bishop brand of yarn but nothing was coming up in my Google search.  Does anyone else know about this brand of yarn?  And if you have worked with lace patterns before, does this tension sound correct to you?

Happy Friday everyone!  I’m off to the fabric store shortly (after work) since I’m on the hunt for some lush, dark aqua fabric for a pencil skirt I’m making for my sis!  Wish me luck.  :)


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