My Blouse has a Collar, weeeeeeeee!

Hey peeps!  Just a super quick update today…

My blouse officially has an attached collar:

I have the collar attached and also stitched on some bias strips to act as a facing (but still need to trim, clip, and stitch the facing down).  I hijacked the pattern directions and just sewed it like I should have done in the first place.  I ended up re-cutting the collar pieces instead of using my interfaced piece.  I thought it would be adding too much bulk to such a light blouse.

I’m actually glad I had an extra day to gather my wits before sewing any more of this guy.  The extra day allowed me to decompress and think rationally once again.  :)  Which is why I decided it was worth the extra 10 minutes to cut another collar.  I’m pretty certain that if I tried to push myself during the ‘bad-day’ I would have stitched on the interfaced collar and would never have been happy with it.  It’s kind of a mini-bonus then right???

Lots of you have been having their sewing projects attacking them as well as losing your mojo… I’m thinking of you LLadybird, Tilly, Emma, Sue, Paloma, and many more!  Perhaps we can all blame it on a full moon or the changing weather or the time change or . . .  :)

Here’s to all of you that you get your mojo back in time for Spring and all the lovelies to be created by your able hands.

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