Stitchcraft Freebie: The Angora Sweater

I think it almost goes without saying I love the angora sweater.  With combining two of my favorite things: Vintage knits and bunnies, how can you go wrong?!

For today’s Free Stitchcraft Pattern I bring you the Angora Sweater:

Click the following link to download the free stitchcraft pattern as a pdf: The Angora Sweater Pattern.

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This sweater is made with angora yarn in fingering weight, with a tension of 7.5 sts per inch.  There are two sizes included in this pattern one for a 32-34″ bust and a second for a 34-36″ bust measurement.

I tried to do some searching online to try and determine the exact fiber content in this sweater, whether it is an angora mix or if it’s 100% angora.  I’ve had quite a hard time trying to find a fingering weight angora blend let alone a 100% pure one.  After a year of searching, I finally found some at Stitches Midwest this past summer in a black and in a strange green color.  But if any of you know where I can get my hands on more, I’m all ears!

The only thing I would change about this little sweater is the length of the armscye; it seems a bit too long for my tastes.  Otherwise I think this is a perfect, classic angora sweater, don’t you?!

To share more angora-love, I’ve pooled together a few images, just for fun.  Links are just below the images if you want to click through.

One of my favorite angora patterns:

Free Angora Bird Jumper Pattern from A Rarer Borealis.

I believe I showed the made-up version a while ago that is so lovely:

Link of Knichet’s project page for those of you who are on Ravelry.

A sweet little cap:

P&B Angora Hat and Bolero Pattern from Skiff Vintage Patterns.

Solanah of Vixen Vintage in lovely blue Angora.

Angora Snood pattern from yours truly:

I love this blouse with just a touch of angora, perfect for sprintime:

Angora Trimmed Blouse fromVintage Bernat.

I think this lacy jumper is so soft and feminine!

The lovely Johanna Ost in pink Angora:

And lastly, the great (funny) angora bunny itself:

What giant balls of fluff they are!  heh

Hope you all have a lovely weekend dreaming of angora now.  :)

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