Completed Ottoman

I can’t even admit to you all when I made this ottoman, it’s quite shameful.  But I’m happy to now report that this is one more thing I was able to cross off my list during my Christmas break.

I took an ottoman upholstery class last *cough cough* spring and it’s been nearly completed except for the legs.  It’s been living in the corner of this room, in shame, for the better part of a year.

This was one of the first projects I decided to undertake over the Christmas break since it’s been sitting for far too long.  I bought 4 plain, wooden Eames-era legs on etsy and I got 1 coat of stain/varnish on them before I left this project for something more glamorous, I’m sure.

So I sanded down the legs and put a second coat of varnish on them.  I let them dry overnight and in the morning I assembled the screw in bases to the ottoman base and then I attached the legs.  Not too hard, and super fulfilling to have something else crossed off the list.

Here is my fancy, ‘new’ ottoman with it’s matching chair.

I still have loads of projects to show you guys as I play a bit of catch-up this week.  Did any of you get to cross something off on your lists lately that you found totally fulfilling, too?  :)

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