Refurbished Bun Room

Not only did I get a new sewing room over my holiday break, but I felt it only fair that the buns should get an upgrade for their room as well.  heh

Felix and I gave up our sun room to Baxter and Quincy after they became a bonded pair in June of 2010 in order for them to have plenty of room to hop around while we are away at work during the day.  I do let them out most evenings once they’ve had their dinner but I’ve found that buns are happiest when they have space.

Since bunny’s paws are covered in fur they don’t have a lot of traction on wood floors and need some cushy material for their nails to grip into so they can hop and frolic.  I had bought some cheap FLOR tiles at CB2 a year ago, but they had gotten it pretty dirty and stained with their meal-time drool (thanks to Quincy).

Since the room is an odd shape, I decided to stick with the FLOR tiles once again but I got a thicker nap as well as a darker color to help conceal Quincy’s drool spots, which are green btw from eating his veggies.

After removing all of the old tiles, their room got a deep-deep cleaning and I installed the new tiles.

Every few days I give the bunnies treats, and today it was a willow ball.  Seeing as how they have a nice, clean room again, I thought what better opportunity than snapping some pictures of the buns at play.

So here are some more bun pictures for you all as they are devouring their tasty, new willow ball.

Bird’s eye view:

Bunny’s eye view:

I love Baxter’s long whiskers.  Quincy, my old-man bun, doesn’t seem to very many whiskers at all, just a few short ones.  What he lacks in whiskers he more than makes up with his prosh, white eyeliner.

Quincy, pondering  his next chomp:

Cuteoverload, eat your heart out!  :)

I just watched the movie, Despicable Me over my holiday break and there’s a great line in there every time I think of fluffy bunnies like my fuzzy bun, Baxter.

“It’s so fluffy I could die.”

It’s a great turning point in the movie when Gru takes the three little girls to a theme park.  If you haven’t seen it yet I highly recommend it if you’re looking for a sweet, heartwarming movie.  :)

I’m sure you’ve gotten your fill of buns today, but if not click on the bunny icon in the upper right hand side of my blog and it will take you to all of my bun-related posts.  Within several of my posts you’ll find plenty of links to my husband’s site Avoision where he has plenty of good videos and pictures if you find you need even more bun viewing materials.  :)

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