Hayes Dress Fashions from 1958

Hey Guys!  I’m back today with more Hayes Fashions, but this time it’s dresses instead of coats.

Nothing perks up a Monday like vintage dress fashions, don’t you agree?!

The main feature in the fall/winter 1958 catalog seems to be the new relaxed silhouettes.

I myself, like a nipped in waist, but I can see how these new fashions would have been quite refreshing after the restrictive new-look silhouette.

I only could see wearing a loose-fitting dress like the one below, only if it had the belt option.

I hate to be the one to say this, but the dress at left (bottom image) seems like a vintage pregnancy dress.  It looks divine with the belt and neckline tab details, at lower right.

Could any of you see wearing this dress, sans belt?

Evening wear are always my favorites to drool over.  The bow detail underneath the bust is very stunning and makes a nice, slim line coupled with the belt.  I definitely see the 60’s hair trends forming on this model.

I love the middle dress with the drape on the skirt which is mirrored in the neckline.

I almost love anything with bows on it!  But I love how the bows decrease in size from the top to the bottom of the dress on the far right.

I’m a sucker for suits.  I don’t even own one myself, but these ensembles are so feminine and chic it’s hard not to love them.

More relaxed silhouettes with waist length jackets:

I was elated when I happened upon more colored pages in the middle of the catalog!  My favorite dress on this page is the blue one at the lower left; I think it’s all of the darts that does it.

This has to be my favorite page in this post!

The red dress back detail is wonderful; the box pleats and button tabs for the belt!  The neckline detail on the blue dress is lovely and then there’s the stripped dress at center front; such a great basic shirt dress but with a colorful twist with the stripes.

I do have to say, the more I look at it the more I’m loving the red dress on this page. I need to add this one into my pinterest account.  :)

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