The Vintage Bazaar’s Holiday Pop-Up Show

I had such a fun-filled weekend and it all started with a bit of shopping, vintage bazaar style.

This was my first time attending TVB’s pop-up show, which is a petite version of the large Bazaar.  Normally I think bigger is better, but in this case I had just as much fun at the pop-up show as I do at the full-scale versions.

The space was large enough for walking and browsing the vintage wares without major crowding, but it was a bit more personal.  It was easier to talk with all of the vendors and the evening lighting made for relaxed atmosphere.  All this coupled with some fine beverages from one of Logan Square’s newest restaurants, Longman & Eagle, and I had the perfect shopping experience for a Friday night.

This is probably my favorite booth for their home wares display:

This booth is hot house market.  I love all of the colors that are on this table, but I do have to admit, any booth with teal or pink accents is immediately one of my favorites.

Carrie (of hot house market) had some colorful crocheted blankets and accent pillows.  And check out the lamb embroidery wall hanging!  I went back to purchase this and someone had already nabbed it up.  I think I may just have to make my own, it’s too cute.

Isn’t this the coolest:

I dearly wanted to buy this ‘fake fireplace’ from back garage, but it was a bit too pricey for my pocketbook.

It’s a pseudo fireplace/space heater all in one.  I feel like it would have made my apartment feel really cozy in the coming winter months…  I hope this found a great home.

Right next to this booth was lots of jewelry and accessories from Estate Chicago and Pure Vintage (two different shops):

During the last Vintage Bazaar, I fell into conversation with the owner of Estate Chicago because we both felt that each other looked familiar.  It turns out that Kimberly (the sweetest person ever) lives 1/2 a block away from me; I walk past her house every day on my way to the train.  Talk about a small world!

(And who else did I bump into while at the Estate Chicago booth as I was searching for my lost husband?  The owner of my favorite brick and mortar shop: A Touch of Vintage.)

On the opposite side of Estate Chicago was another one of my favorite shops, BombshellShocked:

I love how her clothes were all organized by color.

The very first time I had heard about this shop was from Tasha of By Gum By Golly, who was hosting a giveaway for BombshellShocked.  After that I met Nicki, herself, during the spring Bazaar and I couldn’t stop talking with her.  She was so sweet, we talked about patterns, clothes, etc.  So I always make it a point to swing by and say hello.

More Bombshellshocked:

Bombshell purses:

She had lots of clothing and I made my only purchase of the day from her, a green and blue plaid crinoline.  I have to do a bit of altering on it since I’m such a shorty, but I hope to post pics of it soon.

Another booth with lots of fun, vintage clothing was Yellowbirdd Vintage coupled with DollParts Design:

They pulled me in with this amazing fur-trimmed coat:

(It is a bit dark, but the coat was divine.)  I would never dream of buying a new coat with any fur on it, but I’ve come to appreciate the vintage coats even if they have some on it.  I think it makes a wonderful accent and I’m sure its quite warm in the winter.

And lastly, the quirkiest booth of all, Dethrose Vintage:

This booth was shared by a brother and sister team, who both have a flare for awesome vintage wears.  Karyn is all about clothing and accessories whereas Jon, her brother, lives in southern IL, and focuses on collecting eclectic antiques.

They had the perfect booth full of curiosities.  I could have stood looking around for 30 minutes at least and not have seen everything.

Bear with me now…. Have any of you seen Harry Potter?  I think it’s in the second or third film where Harry follows Malfoy into that dark alley into that strange dark-magic shop in Diagon Alley.  Do you remember the one?  Anyhow, I know none of these items are quite like that, but this booth had that same, mysterious feel to it.  I felt like I was briefly transported to a different place (which was only aided by the ambient lighting).

This is my favorite shot of the evening: I absolutely loved this jug with the face.  I should have asked how much it was…

I continue to love the Vintage Bazaar events, they’re full of friendly vendors and pretty, affordable, and quirky items.  Like I said before, it made for a perfect Friday evening.

Felix also blogged about The Vintage Bazaar.  Be sure to check out his site; while we went together our blogs posts are usually quite different so you’ll find things on his post you won’t see on mine.


TVB was only the start to my weekend…  On Saturday Felix, my friend Jake and I went out to breakfast then we trekked to the Logan Square Kitchen’s Pastry Market.  Yes, please!!!  Jake recently found out he is gluten-intolerant so the event was perfect for him since it was full of pastry artisans making both flour and gluten free products.  I didn’t take my camera since Felix did; you can check out more on his site.

Then on Sunday Felix and I went out (again) to breakfast to Jam.  It just opened up and we had run out of eggs, so we couldn’t have possibly feed ourselves.  heh

I didn’t get as much sewing done this weekend as I would have liked, but when food and shopping is involved I really can’t complain that I didn’t get more done.  :)

Hope you all had a lovely weekend yourselves.  Did any of my local Chicago-buddies make it out to The Vintage Bazaar?

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