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While I love to chat and post about my sewing and knitting expeditions, I was thinking over the weekend that there is a serious lack of bunnies here on zilredloh.

Don’t you agree?!  :)

The only other bun-owner/blogger that I know of is the lovely, Casey of Elegant Musings.  Her buddy’s name is Mr. Freckles.  Isn’t he so fuzzy and handsome?!

Prior to January (when I started my blog), I constantly harassed my husband, Felix to post more about our two rabbits, Baxter and Professor Quincy Snugglesworth on his site.

He’s done a fair job of it so far (but this really averages only 1-2 posts a year):

So as funny as it sounds, I yearned for an outlet to post about the bunny shenanigans that ensue in our household when I started up my blog in January.  And if you’ll indulge me, here’s some silly shots of my one lady bun, Baxter, who’s playing around with some tissue paper.

I had some extra tissue paper so I left it on the floor before recycling it; Baxter likes to make noise and shred paper so I had a hunch that she’d enjoy it.

Baxter is my sassy, lop-eared bunny.  I’ve had her since she was a baby and I thought ‘she’ was a ‘he’ and named her Baxter.  By the time I found out ‘he’ was a female, the name already stuck and I didn’t have the heart to rename her.

Felix walked by at this point and asked if it was ‘safe’ that she was eating the tissue paper.  Bunnies like to chew/eat cardboard, telephone books, willow sticks, and more so it’s really a non-issue that she’s eating a tiny bit of tissue paper.

I’m not sure how to remove red-eye in photoshop yet, so I took a picture sans flash.  One of my favorite things about Baxter is her ears.  They always look like little pig-tails to me and they flop up and down every time she hops; it’s too cute.

Quincy (aka Professor Quincy Snugglesworth) is my other bunny, that I adopted about 2 years ago.  He’s really chill and his greatest pleasures are eating and chilling out.  He doesn’t like to explore as much as Baxter does, but they’re a good compliment to one another.  Hopefully I can snag some pictures of him for next time.

As a general FYI, if you click on the bunny at the top of page you’ll see everything with a category of Bunny.

Thanks for indulging me!  And if anyone has questions about rabbits make sure to leave a comment and I’ll address all of your bunny-inquiries.

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