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While I love to chat and post about my sewing and knitting expeditions, I was thinking over the weekend that there is a serious lack of bunnies here on zilredloh.

Don’t you agree?!  :)

The only other bun-owner/blogger that I know of is the lovely, Casey of Elegant Musings.  Her buddy’s name is Mr. Freckles.  Isn’t he so fuzzy and handsome?!

Prior to January (when I started my blog), I constantly harassed my husband, Felix to post more about our two rabbits, Baxter and Professor Quincy Snugglesworth on his site.

He’s done a fair job of it so far (but this really averages only 1-2 posts a year):

So as funny as it sounds, I yearned for an outlet to post about the bunny shenanigans that ensue in our household when I started up my blog in January.  And if you’ll indulge me, here’s some silly shots of my one lady bun, Baxter, who’s playing around with some tissue paper.

I had some extra tissue paper so I left it on the floor before recycling it; Baxter likes to make noise and shred paper so I had a hunch that she’d enjoy it.

Baxter is my sassy, lop-eared bunny.  I’ve had her since she was a baby and I thought ‘she’ was a ‘he’ and named her Baxter.  By the time I found out ‘he’ was a female, the name already stuck and I didn’t have the heart to rename her.

Felix walked by at this point and asked if it was ‘safe’ that she was eating the tissue paper.  Bunnies like to chew/eat cardboard, telephone books, willow sticks, and more so it’s really a non-issue that she’s eating a tiny bit of tissue paper.

I’m not sure how to remove red-eye in photoshop yet, so I took a picture sans flash.  One of my favorite things about Baxter is her ears.  They always look like little pig-tails to me and they flop up and down every time she hops; it’s too cute.

Quincy (aka Professor Quincy Snugglesworth) is my other bunny, that I adopted about 2 years ago.  He’s really chill and his greatest pleasures are eating and chilling out.  He doesn’t like to explore as much as Baxter does, but they’re a good compliment to one another.  Hopefully I can snag some pictures of him for next time.

As a general FYI, if you click on the bunny at the top of page you’ll see everything with a category of Bunny.

Thanks for indulging me!  And if anyone has questions about rabbits make sure to leave a comment and I’ll address all of your bunny-inquiries.

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  1. PepperReed August 16, 2011 — 9:17 AM

    Bunnies!! Someday I’ll have a bunny; right now I have 2 dogs, 4 cats and a loaner-snake… gotta clear the deck a bit first. I really want a Flemish Giant, although I really do like the Lop ears. Looking forward to other posts!

  2. Lauren August 16, 2011 — 9:41 AM

    ahhh i love bunnies! i have a cat though – who is VERY territorial & loves to hunt! – so no bunnies for me. your bunnies are absolutely precious, though :)

  3. Casey August 16, 2011 — 10:45 AM

    Yay for bunnies!!!!! :D I do not post about Mr. Freckles enough (mostly because he is a bit of a temperamental little bun, and only likes to come out from his favorite “bunny caves” and allow me to photograph him when *he wants*. lol.). Need to remedy this… Especially because bunnies are such characters!!! :)

  4. Anita August 16, 2011 — 5:20 PM

    Feel free to post about your bunnies more often. This last weekend was our county fair and we got to see lots of them and even pet a couple, they’re sooooooo soft! I had a wee Netherland Dwarf years ago but haven’t since. You make me want one…or two. :)

  5. Elizabeth August 17, 2011 — 12:26 PM

    I *heart* bunnies in blogs! And Baxter playing in the tissue paper is ridiculously cute. I myself have a bunny and will start following just about anyone who posts about bunnies. (I was already following you, of course, but still. I am unable to resist.)

    A few others that I read are:
    In Color Order does lovely quilting and ( has an adordable little black dwarf. So tiny! So precious!

    And The Dapper Bun ( posts outfits, less crafting, but her bun is in almost every picture, which I am continuously impressed by.

  6. Selina August 17, 2011 — 7:51 PM

    Quincy looks just like my Lady-Bunny! How cute :) I’ll have to send you a picture… She and our older bun Starsky (who looks more like Baxter) do everything together (i.e. have to both be eating out of the food dish at the same time, dig at the same time/place. Silly rabbits). Would love to see more pictures and read more posts about your buns, they’re such funny little animals :)

  7. raqskie August 21, 2011 — 1:05 AM

    Hi Liz,
    Thanks for your bunny post. Aren’t bunnies the best?
    I’m a research assistant/grad student currently swimming in stats who loves to sew and has a giant rabbit-So I really like your blog.

    1. Liz August 21, 2011 — 10:21 PM

      How cool you’re a stats pal who has a bunny too. Next you’re gonna tell me your name is Liz and you ride around on scooters, too. heh I would love to see some bunny pics of yours, do you have a blog or flickr I can visit? :)

      1. raqskie August 30, 2011 — 11:09 PM

        no blog or flickr yet-I should get onto that. I do have some very cool pics of the bun though. Maybees I’ll set up that flickr-would be a shame to keep his handsome fluffy face all to myself.

  8. kit August 22, 2011 — 8:26 AM

    not so! I have two bunny helpers, Pebbles and Bambam, I just haven’t had a chance to blog about them yet! They like to chew thru my wool, throw my beading board on the floor and generally get underfoot so I don’t know what I’d do without them LOL (get more work done possibly?) So keep the buns in the spotlight, they’re adorable.

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