Ted Talk: Angiogensis and Eating To Starve Cancer

Thoughts from Yesterday:  Thanks everyone for sharing your own sewing conundrums and for your kind, helpful words about my crepe fail.  Since several of you have expressed an interrest in seeing more of my muslins and how to correct mistakes (knitting or sewing), I’m going to try and show more progress shots, not just the finished product.  Sound good, I hope?  Okay! 

Now for Today:

Generally, I’m not one to post videos and large media on my site (besides this cute music video), but I saw this Ted Talk yesterday and couldn’t help sharing it with you all.

For those of you not familiar with Ted Talks, Ted stands for Technology, Entertainment, and Design.  All around the world there are conferences where great minds get together and share their ideas, research, philosphy, art, etc.  And all of the talks have to either be under 20 minutes in length (while some have shorter time limits).  There are local talks, national talks, and global talks so it’s not limited to the US only.

Every week at work, I pick and share a Ted Talk that I think is interesting and present it to my coworkers.  Recently my coworkers have gotten in on the action and started picking talks to share.  Long story short, below is a recent find by my coworker, Wei, that is just amazing. 

This is the synopsis:

William Li presents a new way to think about treating cancer and other diseases: anti-angiogenesis, preventing the growth of blood vessels that feed a tumor. The crucial first (and best) step: Eating cancer-fighting foods that cut off the supply lines and beat cancer at its own game.

You can either click to play above or click on this link if the above video isn’t working on your browser.

It was pretty amazing to see that Vitamin E has more of an impact on anti-angiogensis than the leading drug currently on the market.

So if you have some free time today, I highly encourage you to give this video a watch.  I was on the edge of my seat the whole time waiting to hear what he had to say next. 

What do you think?  You always hear diet is important, but for me this video has strong, documentable proof.

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