Macaron Redux (mini) Roadblock

Instead of sewing up the applique seam for the bodice back piece on my Macaron Redux, I decided to work on the front bodice pieces over the weekend.

Since I think I’m a slow sewer, I wanted to wait to sew up both the back and front applique seams all at once, for efficiency.

After aligning and cutting out my lace fabric for the front yolk and front bodice pieces, I hit a stumbling block…

I realized I can’t do an applique seam on the very center front of the bodice the way I was intending to.  I can only overlap the yolk lace piece over the bodice, and not the other way around, due to the V-shape in the middle.  Mega Drats!!!

(Well, I could if I really tried, but it would leave a really thick seam allowance on the inside; it would look completely silly and noticeable.)

I do know once it’s all pieced together no one will be the wiser, but this little mistake is always going to be apparent to me.  If this were the ‘Couture House of Zilredloh’ I’d be cutting up another piece of lace to redo the bodice.  The meticulous, detail-oriented side of me wants to do just that, but the time & cost-savvy side of me says that this is really impractical and unnecessary.  (Between us girls, while I do have just enough lace to re-cut the bodice, some of the lace flowers would end up “strategically placed” on the bodice and the result would be even worse than the applique seam issue.)

So I’ve decided to keep plugging away and will sew up the center front without the applique overlap.  I’m hoping that the rest of the bodice applique seaming will make up for my little oversight.  As much as I was kicking myself on Sunday, I do always try to keep in mind that I’m constantly learning from all of my little mistakes; without them I wouldn’t be learning near as much as I am.

So let’s hear it for mistakes, ladies & ‘gents!   heh

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