I’ve Been “Gleed”

Yes, people; you heard me correctly.  I’ve been Glee-ified.

I’ve heard all the hype about this show since it came on television, and I’ve intentionally stayed away for that reason.  Since my early teens I’ve rebelled against most things mainstream, mainly because I didn’t want to become one of the masses.  For example I’ve shyed away from (but not limited to) Titanic, Harry Potter, The Sopranos, Twilight, Lost, and Glee for longer than neccessary.

I don’t claim this is rational thinking and I also don’t claim that these may not be great shows that should (or have already been) watched by myself.  For some reason I just gravitate away from watching this stuff, just because *everyone* else is watching it.  

With the exception of The Sopranos, I have watched/read all of the examples above.  I also don’t claim that I’m not secretly counting down the days till the next Twilight movie comes out.  *Hangs head in pseudo-shame due to revealing this guilty pleasure* 

But Glee recently popped up in Netflix and as I was sitting alone one night, I felt curious enough to queue it up and watch the first episode.  I’m just now at the point in season 1 where they’re going to sectionals and I can’t wait to go home and watch the next episode.  I don’t know how you people watch regular tv, having to wait a whole week to watch the next episode.  But it’s safe to say that I’m officially hooked!

I think it’s the drama; all of the secrets being withheld, all of the crushes, Emma Pilsburry’s outfits, etc.  I normally hate high school type shows, but this doesn’t feel as high school-y as I had in my head initially.  The one fault I have so far is that the writers seem to create false tensions between students for any given episode without any prior character development in the preceeding episodes.  It’s like they’re creating this fake drama to suit their needs as the season goes on.  This is one aspect that makes the show a little forced.  But so far I’ve been overlooking this since I think the rest of it is just fun.

And right about now, you may be asking ‘where is Liz I going with this post’…  Whenever I feel like I’m searching for something blog about, Felix always has helpful suggestions like “what have you seen that you’ve loved” or “what did you do yesterday”.  This got me thinking, how I’ve spent my last few evenings and I’ve really been all about knitting and watching glee.  And I figured now would be the perfect time to tell you guys that I’ve officially jumped on the Glee-bus and join with you all in swooning over Emma’s classic, feminine wardobe. 

While I’ve finished my applique skirt, it’s been way too hot to take any photos during the day.  So once it cools down a bit, I’ll be posting up pics of the finished skirty skirt.  But for now, I seem to be taking a mini-break from sewing till my June-Sewing Inspiration/Ideas come to me and I hope to be back in my groove by the weekend. 

So now comes the question… How many of you peeps are on the glee-bandwagon with me?!  :)

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