Stitchcraft Freebie: Diamond Jumper

I’m a bit off schedule with my posts for this week due to the May Giveaway Day.  So my normal Wednesday knitting post has temporarily moved to Friday for this week.  I feel I’ve been a bit knit-heavy lately on my blog, but I’ve officially finished my scalloped skirt.  So if the weather cooperates, I’ll have some fun sewing stuff to share with you guys come Monday.

I really love-love-love the jumper I’m posting for you all today.  I’m dubbing it the Diamond Jumper, since it has a diamond design on the center front (and back).

Click on the following link to download this pattern as a free pdf: Diamond Jumper.

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I’m really into the navy-white color combination lately; it’s classic but is less stark than the traditional B&W combination.  And wouldn’t you guess it that this jumper is made up using just those colors: navy and white.  I’m already envisioning to highlight navy as my color of choice for my fall sewing wardrobe (with plenty of white accents of course).

An interesting feature on this jumper, besides the color-work, is the use of crochet.  In the back, the pattern has you casting off a few stitches in the center back in order to create a button band, but you work the button band using crochet instead of knitted stitches.  It’s a simple idea, but I bet it makes the button band a bit more secure, and not as stretchy as a knitted one would be.  I may have to utilize this concept in some of my future projects.

While I really love everything I’ve posted up for you guys, this one is definitely on my “make” list for 2011.  I’m sure it would fit right in with my dream wardrobe for this coming fall.

I hope you all had a nice week, and as always feel free to leave me a comment if you’d like to see something specific for next week’s free pattern post.

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