A Perfect 1940’s Dress

Perfect – as in the perfect design.  Not that my dress is perfect… not yet anyways.

Recently, I bought Hollywood Pattern 1103.

Hollywood 1103

It’s everything I want in an easy, breasy summer dress: cut on sleeves, tie waist, swingy skirt, shoulder gathers (no darts) & a matching bolero to boot!  What’s not to love?!

I just happened to be at the fabric store one day when I found a silk crepe I’d had my eye on for over a year that was marked down.  You bet I snagged that puppy up.  I bought a whopping 4 yards since at the time I wasn’t sure what I’d make with it.  Then I bought Hollywood 1103 and it was a match made in heaven.

But… that fabric is for the next post.  Not wanting to use my lovely silk for a first-time dress, I went and made it up with another lovely fabric, a pinky red linen-rayon blend.

Hollywood 1103 Dress

These pictures turned out really bright.  The fabric is indeed bright, but not quite neon & glowing like it appears.

Linen-rayon blends are now in my top 5 favorite fabrics of all time.  The rayon content helps the linen stay a bit wrinkle free & gives such lovely drape & movement to any garment.  (If you’re in Chicago, you can find this red at Vogue on Roosevelt Rd. in the Summer Specials section.)  I should know… I made a skirt with it first.  Then went back for more of it for this dress.  (I may even still have a bit more in my stash… it’s that good!  How I wish they had more colors.)

Hollywood 1103 Dress

While I like this dress, it’s not 100% perfect yet.  There is much to much ease in the bodice at the waist.  I thought the belt (or tie belt) would be sufficient but it borderlines on the frumpy to me.

Hollywood 1103 Dress

I think this design/and my narrow shoulders would be much benefited by some small shoulder pads also.  I really don’t care for shoulder pads, but with the cut on sleeves – I feel like my shoulders look really rounded.  (Either that or I shorten up the sleeves a bit more.)

All this doesn’t stop me from wearing this dress, as I’ve worn it 3 times in the last 2 weeks.

Hollywood 1103 Dress

I just feels so lovely on.  Unfortunately, its now in the hamper and I can’t wear it till it’s clean again.

After much consideration, after I wash it up (pending shrinkage), I think I’m going to take it in at the side seams.  The top is a bit too billowy and I’ve been adjusting my belt like crazy every time I wear this.

Hollywood 1103 Dress

I paired my dress with my new bunny belt and my flea-market necklace find.  It was only $1 – doesn’t get better than that for a vintage glass beaded necklaces.

Normally I’d be pairing this dress with white instead of black accessories – but it’s what I had on hand.  My wardrobe & accessories are quite limited at the moment since most of my items are still packed up in boxes.  It’s a good exercise in making do.  :D

Guess what?  I think this may be the first sewing project I’ve posted all year!  Can you believe it?!  While this isn’t the first sewing project I’ve completed this year – it’s just the first one  I managed to get photographed.

I’ve been doing a ton of knitting since it’s much easier (and less dusty) than me working in my sewing room.  But I’ve been sewing much more lately and have even written up myself a fall/late summer sewing plan.  I’m stoked to get started on it.

Stay tuned for the wonderfulness that will be version #2 in silk crepe.  (It just needs it hem and photographs now.)  Woot!

Who else has worked with linen-rayon blends?  Love them too, yes???  :D

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