Completed: A Cozy Grey Shawl

I just completed my Sugar Maple Shawl in time for the chilly autumn we’re having here in Chicago.

I used Malabrigo Worsted (Aran weight) in Polar Morn for my shawl.  It’s a dove grey, but it has undertones of lilac and it was such a dream to knit with.  With constant use, I fear this shawl will pill- but so far it’s wearing great.

The ruffle section is what took me so long to complete.  Being new to shawls and lace work, it’s customary to pick up stitches around the border of the main section.  Well… we’re talking over 300 stitches to pick up for the ruffle, 325 to be exact.  I had to use 2 circular needle sets, one a 28″ length and the other a 36″ length.

Being the crazy gal I am, I knit this during the commute – the whole 5 and a half feet of it.  The main lace pattern took 1 skein and the ruffle took nearly 2 whole skeins of yarn.  That’s how long and dense this little 4″ ruffle truly is.

It’s so cozy warm!  While I’m using this as a shawl at work, it could work as a wide scarf too since it has the same rectangular shape, not triangular like most shawls.

So far it’s stayed over my shoulder, but I think I may hunt for a shawl clasp so I’m able to secure it.  I was just gonna go look on etsy.  Do you guys have any specific recommendations on that score?

To Conclude:

This shawl is versatile & cozy.  I’m happy to finally have it completed after working on and off for 2+ years.  But now I’m going to have to find another airplane project – one I can take anywhere and stop/start anytime.

P.S.  A few more photos on my Ravelry Project Page.

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