Can’t Stop Knitting…

Friends, I’m on a roll with knitting!  I’ve been sick for a week and it was the only thing I could manage to do.  While I’m feeling a bit better, I still can’t manage to stop.

My 9-5 day job has utterly drained me of all of my creative energy as of late, which is such a shame (but it’s most likely how I got sick in the first place).  For my sewing projects, I literally only have to sew my coat hem and attach 1 button and I haven’t even have the energy to do that.

I spent my entire weekend/week plopped in front of our tv watching old movies and knitting.  It’s been both bad and wonderful at the same time; bad since I’m not moving about but great since I’ve gotten so much knitting done.

I’ve knocked out 2 knitting projects off my list and I’ve started in on the third:

The bottom aqua jumper is the Aqua Waves, and the grey one on the top is my Accessory for your Spring Suit which I managed to finish up as of late.

I’m currently working on the Sun-Ray Ribbed Jumper (first image at the top of the post).  I ended up knitting from just above the bottom ribbing all the way up to the armpits and I’m now working on one of the sleeves!  It’s really crazy how much I’ve gotten done, but I’ve been sick with nothing else to do.

With how draining my work is at the moment, it’s nice to come home and do a bit of lounging & relaxing while keeping my hands busy with making things.

Is anyone else in a knitting frenzy at the moment???

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